Use our Universal Guide to beat any game

Here at GamesRadar we've played and beat every game ever made (without dying or saving, and using only one hand). We know it sounds impressive, but for us it was no biggie; we're all very talented gamers who never lose. We understand that this isn't the case for everyone, so we've put together these helpful guides to help others play like us.

1.Determine the genre of the game you are playing.
2.Locate the guide that corresponds with the genre of your difficult game.
3.Follow the clearly laid out instructions to achieve ultimate victory.
4.Congratulations on your impressive accomplishment! Give yourself a satisfying hug.


You will play an angry man in a world with very lax gun control. Sometimes you won't have a reason to shoot things, sometimes you will. Either way, don't think about it too hard. Whatever the premise is, you'll have to act quickly and not attempt to reason with anything. There should be plenty of ammo lying around, and expect to find progressively more destructive weapons as you progress through the game. If you get stuck, find a secret room. It'll be pretty much where you expect it to be. Once inside, pick up the extra weapons, ammo and helpful health packs then continue to follow our helpful chart:

•Only shoot things in the head, preferably the eye.
•Move from side to side to dodge the bullets being shot at you.
•Shoot the barrels - they are filled with explosive chemicals.
•Pick up food and medkits to fix bullet wounds and energy burns.
•Always keep an eye out for body armor (it's almost always blue and will even protect your face).
•Teammates who have been shot need you to come pick them up.