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Unofficial Call of Duty: Warzone apps stop working after Activision changes privacy settings

(Image credit: Activision)

A change to profile settings within Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone is preventing players from looking up their stats via third-party apps. According to Call of Duty tracker, changes to account settings made by Activision would have to be manually rolled back.

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In a tweet early this morning, Call of Duty Tracker told its followers that "we're aware of issues regarding an inaccurate 'Private Profile' error on Warzone and Black Ops Cold War profiles. This is due to an issue with the Activision services which we rely on." In an update shortly afterwards, the team said that "Activision states that all player profile privacy settings are not defaulted to 'Friends & External Tournaments,'" preventing third-parties from being able to access and analyse player statistics.

Fortunately, the fix is relatively simple. Players can simply log into the Call of Duty website, head to Account Preferences, and then to Account Linking. From there, you'll find the platform accounts that you've linked, but you'll want to ensure that the 'Searchable' and 'Data Visible' tabs are set to 'All' - if they're set to anything else, your data won't be retrievable by third-parties, and stat trackers won't work.

While it's not too tricky to fix, players aren't impressed. On Twitter, users LineStorm2 and Pathumx both suggested that Activision was limiting access to stats to prevent players gathering information about Cold War's much-maligned Skill-Based Matchmaking. At the same time, other tweets were implying that some high-profile players were able to use third-party tools to duck out of high-skill lobbies.

Earlier this month, another third-party app, Warzone Companion, was forced to change its methods after players found they could use it to avoid lobbies full of players with high K/D ratios in favour of those who were, theoretically, less good at the game.

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