Uncharted 4 wins BAFTA for Best Game, while Inside takes home four awards

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) held its annual game awards show tonight, and the winners have all received their golden drama masks. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (opens in new tab) was the overall winner of Best Game, while Inside (opens in new tab) could also be considered another major winner thanks to wins in the categories of Artistic Achievement, Game Design, Narrative and Original Property.

Brenda Romero, a game designer with credits ranging from the Wizardry series to Playboy: The Mansion, was given the Special Award, "in recognition of her outstanding creative contribution to the industry and for her illustrious career in game design, her advocacy for the art and creative process behind game-making, and her commitment to encouraging the next generation of talent in the industry."

For the full list of winners, head on over to the BAFTA 2016 Games Awards page (opens in new tab). And if you want a rematch between Naughty Dog and Playdead, good news: the former is working on The Lost Legacy, a standalaone adventure starring Chloe Frazer (opens in new tab), and the latter is teasing a spooky, possibly astronaut-related game (opens in new tab).

Sam Prell

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