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Worst To Best: Brad Pitt

Too Young To Die? (1990)

The Film: Another TV drama, this one’s based on a true story and paired Pitt with Juliette Lewis for the first time. She plays Amanda Sue, who kills a man and winds up on Death Row.

Rad Brad: Cringing away from the pretty boy image, Pitt brings real grit to his role as Billy Canton, and shows early promise as a dramatic actor.

The Image (1990)

The Film: Albert Finney plays Jason Cromwell, an investigative reporter whose dedication to his job means his personal life is taking a turn for the worse.

Rad Brad: Pitt plays Steve Black, a cameraman. Not exactly a glamorous role, but when you’re sharing the screen with Albert Finney, who’s complaining?

Happy Feet Two (2011)

The Film: George Miller’s sequel to Happy Feet . This time around, Mumble the penguin encounters a penguin with the ability to fly and must battle a blizzard that threatens to wipe out the Emperor clan.

Rad Brad: As Will the krill, Brad gets to play one of the better new characters the sequel has to offer – Will wants to move up the food chain by eating a larger animal. Cute.

The Devils Own (1997)

The Film: New York cop Tom O'Meara (Harrison Ford) gives shelter to a young man, unaware that he’s actually Frankie McGuire (Pitt), one of the IRA’s most dangerous assassins.

Rad Brad: A dodgy accent doesn’t detract from this being a fantastic performance as Pitt attempts to bury his nice-guy image as a ruthless killer. Pitt later disowned the film after a troubled production.

The Mexican (2001)

The Film: Criminal Jerry Welbach (Pitt) is under pressure from both his boss and his girlfriend. The former wants him to retrieve a ‘cursed’ gun from Mexico, while the latter (Julia Roberts) wants him to leave his life of crime behind.

Rad Brad: Pitt plays up the comedy as a criminal who’s clumsier than Mr Bean. The film’s hit and miss, but Pitt keeps things ticking over.

Two-Fisted Tales (1992)

The Film: A three-part anthology of horror tales co-written by Frank Darabont and directed by Richard Donner, Tom Holland and Robert Zemeckis.

Rad Brad:
Pitt appears in the segment entitled ‘King Of The Road’, which sadly doesn’t exactly make the most of his talents.

King Of The Hill (2003)

The TV Series: Mike Judge’s animated comedy series. Pitt guest starred in season eight episode ‘Patch Boomhauer’, an episode named after the character he plays – the brother of regular old Boomhauer.

Rad Brad: Pitt goes lothario in a vague reprise of his Thelma & Louise character. Nice.

Oceans Twelve (2004)

The Film: Least-loved in Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy, this second caper sees Danny Ocean (George Clooney) attempting three European heists. Meanwhile, Terry Benedict (Garcia) wants his money back.

Rad Brad: Jostling for space in a mammoth cast, Pitt stands out with a wry smile and a twinkle in his eye – and strikes up some sizzling chemistry with love interest Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Contact (1992)

The Film: Not the Jodie-Foster-alien-movie, but a war drama short in which an Arab and American soldier confront each other in the desert.

Rad Brad: The film was Oscar-nominated for a Best Live Action Short in 1992, which we like to think is thanks mostly to Pitt’s emotional turn as Cox.

21 Jump Street (1988)

The TV Series: The show that launched Johnny Depp’s career also featured an early appearance by Brad Pitt, who showed up in season two episode ‘Best Years Of Your Life’.

Rad Brad: As Peter, Pitt shares a brief canteen scene with Depp . He’s in firm jock territory, replete with football jacket.