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Win Andy Weir's new SF novel Project Hail Mary

The cover of Project Hail Mary.
(Image credit: Del Rey)

If you're a fan of science-based sci-fi you should know Andy Weir's name: he wrote The Martian, the 2011 novel about an astronaut stranded on Mars which was later turned into a Ridley Scott movie. 

His latest book, Project Hail Mary, centres on another lone astronaut: scientist Ryland Grace, who wakes up on an interstellar spacecraft with no idea who he is or why he's on board. All alone (as two crewmates on the long voyage died during their medically-induced comas), he gradually learns that he's part of an international mission to save Earth from the civilisation-ending threat of a dying Sun.

SFX's reviewer praised the book, calling it "a brilliant advert for STEM" and concluding that "Weir makes the plight of his protagonists just as propulsive as the impending armageddon – science and fiction in near-perfect harmony". 

Project Hail Mary is out now, in both hardback and ebook formats. Thanks to Del Rey, we have five hardback copies (RRP £19.99) to give away. To put your name in the hat for the chance to win one, simply answer the question below.