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Who's the secret third character in Super Mario Galaxy 2?

November 2007: just when we thought we were wrapping up our time with Super Mario Galaxy, grabbing that difficult 120th star, we got one of the best surprises we had in a long time. Our dreams of playing as Luigi in a 3D console Mario was fulfilled as we unlocked him to play through the game all over again. Admittedly he was a god damn pain to control, making the already challenging bits of the game truly frustrating, but we appreciated his appearance all the same. Cut to May 2010, and we knowWeegee is in Galaxy 2, so no surprises left right? But according to anearly review, there’s possibly another playable character after the 120th star this time too. But who?

Above: You're useless Luigi, but we love you anyway

We decided to put on our magical guessing hat (patent pending) in an attempt to logically deduce who or what that new character will be. Sure, we could be proven completely wrong in a couple weeks, but for now, why not have some fun speculating?

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