Whatever happened to... ?

It's happened a million times. An awesome game is shown to the public, frothing at the mouth occurs, we talk about it for a few days and then… it's gone. Where the hell do these games go? There's no need to panic. Put down your Armageddon survival kits. We've got you covered. Check out this handy guide to some heavily anticipated games and exhale slowly.

Medal Of Honor: Airborne

Despite a few recent screenshots this open-ended, free-roaming take on the World War 2 shooter has yet to reveal any actual gameplay footage. Suspicious?

Going to happen in 2007? Possibly.

Killzone 2

After a jaw-dropping but CGI trailer, developer Guerrilla has gone into lock-down. Recently though, Sony bod Phil Harrison claimed that some parts of the game currently 'exceeded' the trailer.

Going to happen in 2007? We doubt it.


This incredible looking undersea adventure has slipped off the PS3 release schedule and is currently slated as a 360 exclusive. But we reckon that translates to 'out a bit later'.

Going to happen in 2007? Almost definitely.

Indiana Jones

The latest info is that this will feature "Hot Set" technology; a way of making entire levels destructible. So rather than find a key you could open a door by rolling a truck though it instead.

Going to happen in 2007? Doubtful.

The Club

Apparently a working prototype of this bloodsport shooter is now in place and the developer is fine-tuning the combo system to maximise the 'competitive' elements of the slaughter.

Going to happen in 2007? Unlikely.