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What is the Week of Hate 2009?

We love videogames.

That said, there will be no further mention of why gaming doesn't suck this week.Instead of our usual chipper attitudes, we'll be updating this page daily with a focused look at the shallow, lazy and dull parts of gaming we can't stand,like thesevideosfrom last year's Week of Hate. Or these videos from this year:

Our searing video will jellify your eyeballs!

We draw our +6 Vorpal Blade of Indignation

Our bilious video bashes the most despicable of all genres

Along with our vids, we'll be singling out and defiling the games you love, the games you love to hate and the games your girlfriend hates. We will shamelessly slander topics as broad and unassailable as "shooters" and "casual games." And we will shoot ourselves in the footwith issues like the most hated PR bullshit and habits of the non-gaming media.So welcome to the Week of Hate. We never really liked you anyway.

See how videogames turn respectable journalists into raving lunatics

Join us as we hate the mainstream media and shitty sequels, plse something's 10 years old this week...

Complete with the worst language you'll (probably) ever hear on GamesRadar

Promotional crap translated into real-world truth

Eight frustrated partners vent about the games slowly driving them insane

You love them? We don't. GamesRadar editors trash your favorite and most cherished classics

Yes, we know they're terrible. No, we can't stop playing them anyway

Hmmmmmmppphh... must... not... smash... pad

No system is safe as we rip into each game machine on today's market