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What if Mario wasn't the famous brother?

Overlooked in the original Mario Bros, the Italian toilet jockeyis forced to play the sidekick in Luigi games for over two decades. Eventually, after years of begging, Nintendo finally cave and give him his own game. The results, and Metacritic rating, ain't pretty...

With his video game career stalling fast, Mario is forced tomakeincreasinglydegrading public appearances, which include showing up at children's birthday parties. Pin the tail on the plumber is an instant hit with the sprogs.

Meanwhile, Luigi: The Motion Picture goes onto break all box office records, bagging 11 Oscars in the process.

Eventually,Mario reaches breaking point when the people of Italy erect a huge golden idol to honour his awesome, talented and sickeningly rich brother.

Sleep well, old friend. We'll just console ourselves with the frankly amazing Super Luigi Galaxy 2.

Aug 13, 2010