Un Chien Andalou/L'Age D'Or review

Not so much a pair of avant-garde films from the late '20s as a couple of Surrealist Molotov cocktails, hurled in the face of authority.

Directed by Spaniard Luis Buñuel in collaboration with his fellow artist Salvador Dali, Un Chien Andalou and L'Age D'Or literally provoked riots at screenings... Before being banned.

Both works are connected by the theme of thwarted desire, and both rupture the conventions of Hollywood melodrama, their bizarre storylines and discontinuities more resembling dreams. They're also stuffed with rich imagery (a woman's eye being sliced by a razor, donkeys strapped to a piano pulled by priests, and putrefying skeletons dressed in bishops' clothes) that remains iconoclastic, baffling and disturbing. A welcome double-bill.

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