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Twitter reacts to the PlayStation Experience

This year's PlayStation Experience has happened and while it might not have been huge on big titles, it still had a great spread of games. Things like Uncharted 4's new stand along DLC The Lost Legacy and, most importantly, The Last of Us 2

Then there were curveballs like Knack 2, a long running joke no one thought would ever happen. But things like Marvel vs Capcom, Crash, new Resi 7 stuff, PaRappa the Rapper and more meant most people were happy. Here's how the masses reacted. 

People were super hyped to see Uncharted 4's Lost Legacy DLC star Chloe and Nadine

No one knew what to make of Knack 2

(More on the Knack 2 reactions here.)

But everyone was definitely up for Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

People could only express their joy at the Crash remaster via the medium of faces

But, obviously, there was only ONE possible reaction for The Last Of Us 2

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