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A patience-trying, warts ’n ’all rockumentary that focuses on grizzled rocker Neil Young and his band Crazy Horse, who have been working together for more than 25 years.

Year Of The Horse mainly consists of concert footage from the ’86 tour and includes cranked up renditions of favourite Crazy Horse tracks such as Fucking Up, Tonight’s The Night and Like A Hurricane. There’s also backstage interviews, black-and-white foot-age of Young and the band shot by a British TV crew in 1976, plus extracts from the singer’s own unreleased Muddy Track feature.

Indie director Jim Jarmusch (Night On Earth) is unquestionably a fan of Young’s raw, unprocessed sound and he ensures that the contributions of all the group are highlighted and recognised. Yet, despite the close focus, we’re given very few insights into the band’s personalities. As member Poncho Sampredo points out: “How can a few cute questions sum up 30 years worth of experiences?”

Year Of The Horse is similar in style to the Woody Allen documentary Wild Man Blues, yet never as illuminating. Only die-hard Neil Young fans will find this interesting.

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