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True Blood Ends Second Season With 5.1 million viewers

The US audience figures for True Blood’s second season finale are in, and while the show didn’t beat it’s all-time high of 5.3 million viewers (for the tenth episode of season two), it was only just shy with 5.1 million. The slight drop-off may be accounted for by viewers disappointed with the lack of any more topless Eric after episode nine. Or maybe not. Season one’s finale was watched by a mere 2.5 million viewers (and even that is respectable by HBO’s standards), so a loss of 0.2 million is piffling stuff.

And if you are an Eric fan miffed at his lack of screen time in the last few episodes, showrunner Alan Ball has this to say: “There is a reason for not seeing Eric in the last part of the episode, but if I explain it, I’ll be [giving away] too much.”

Can anybody who's read the books hazard a guess?