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Top 10 Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

I know why you're here. I know what you've been doing... why you hardly sleep, why you live alone and why, night after night, you sit by your computer. You're looking for bargains. I know because I was once looking for the same thing. And when they found me, they told me I wasn't really looking for bargains. I was looking for a feature on a website. It's that website that drives us. It's that website that brought you here today. You know the question, just as I did… What is the SFX Friday Bargains Round-Up?

Remember; if anyone out there finds anything we’ve brought you this week cheaper somewhere else please mention it in the comments section below. And don’t forget to check out the various bargains threads over on our forum. This thread is for bargain films and this one is for TV bargains . There are also threads for comics and graphic novels , one for games and finally a thread is for any random bargains our forumers may find. Check ‘em out to see what great deals the members of the forum might have found.