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The Top 10 Best Source Filmmaker videos so far

5) Meet the Family

Creator: TheDKer

Why It's Great: This video is equal parts exciting and adorable. The dialogue and story in Meet the Family are second to none. Other videos have better animation and camera work, but Meet the Family won us over with its beautiful look at a father/son team. We also like the idea of this video as fan fiction which adds to the meta story of Team Fortress 2.

Our Favorite Part: The smile on SpyDad's face. "Shall we?"


6) Adventures of the F2P Engineer #3

Creator: DasMatze

Why It's Great: This video is mostly here as an envoy for all four episodes of the Adventures of the F2P Engineer, which spoofs the actions of a new TF2 player who tries to tackle one of the most difficult classes. The closing "success" splash image is what makes this whole series work. We give the creator extra kudos for coming up with a concept that could sustain multiple entries.

Our Favorite Part: The subtle point the Engineer makes at the teleporter as it opens. Comic perfection.