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The Top 10 Best Source Filmmaker videos so far

3) The Sniper Mariachi

Creator: TOLIK

Why It's Great: This is a really short video, but we loved it anyway for the incredible amount of personality it manages to cram into seven short seconds. The animation is also very fluid, and extremely well matched to the music. It's simple, but it's also lean and cuts right to the point. What's the point? The sniper is acting goofy. Stop over-thinking it.

Our Favorite Part: Those steely eyes, and the wave of the hand as he exits stage left.


4) Those Aren't Pillows

Creator: Dan the Man

Why It's Great: This video is representative of one of the most common trends in the Source Filmmaker community: recreating movie segments. The main reason being that you get great audio for free. We particularly enjoyed this one because the video-maker went that extra mile to include a little something beyond the content of the original film.

Our Favorite Part: The shear tenderness of that ear kiss.