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TONS of new Metroid: Other M screenshots

For what the world is lacking in Metroid information, Nintendo is at least trying to make up for with new screenshots. FORTY of them, in fact! And because GamesRadar loves you, we’ve gone through and weeded out the duplicate shots you’ve seen before just to show Team Ninja’s newest newness.

Above: If Smash Bros taught us anything, it's that Samus canbe pretty good with her hands when given the opportunity

Above: “Ooooo, that’s a good baby. Eat your num-nums, now.”

Above: Lots of shots from the cutscenes, but nothing to spoilery unless you already know what’s going down

Above: It wouldn’t be a modern third-person game without an ice world

Above: Feel the wrath of Lady Aran's Tickle Beam!

Above: Ah ha! So it's not all indoors and corridors then?

Above: It's like Prime with added sunlight!

And there's still plenty more screenshots where that came from, obvioulsy gearing up for Other M's release which is only a scant few days away.Click hereto see today's entire big ass batch.

Aug 18, 2010