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TMNT review

The Turtles are back, but they still kinda smell like the sewer


  • Cut-scenes from the film
  • Ninja speed!
  • The last platforming levels


  • All the rest of the platforming
  • Combat that kills& you
  • Everything looks the same

If you’re anything like us here at GamesRadar, you heard that Ubisoft was making a new Turtles game and you gotat leasta little excited. You instantly flashed back to those good ol’ days playing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games on the NES and were filled with all the giddy mouser-robot slashing anticipation of your childhood.Take our advice: go back to those NES classics, in all their 8-bit glory. They're better than this game and you’ll like'em more;that is, unless you hate fun, then by all means play TMNT for the PSP.

More Info

DescriptionUrgh. Devoted young fans may flock to this weak imitation of publisher Ubisoft's own Prince of Persia games, but more discerning players will quickly pull their heads inside their shells and move on.
PlatformGameCube, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PC, Xbox, PS2, PSP, DS
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
Release date19 March 2007 (US), 19 March 2007 (UK)