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"Time to kill myself": The internet reacts to Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive, a 4-player co-op alternate universe Metal Gear where you stealth, battle crystal zombies and a giant mech, was revealed this morning. The humans of the internet have reacted and guess what? They're not keen. 

It seems that after the departure of Uncle Koj, the Metal Gear faithful aren't yet ready to embrace Konami's new direction with the series. At the time of writing the trailer had around 8000 dislikes. That might not sound like much, but that's 90% of the people who interacted with it. Here it is again in case you've missed it.

As ever, people on Twitter were even more vocal about their pessimism. And by 'vocal', I mean 'finding every meme imaginable to express their total disgust.' Let's take a look. 

The Rock says he is surprised at Konami's new direction with the Metal Gear franchise. Also: The Rock is sorry for using the word 'franchise', and for talking about himself in the third person. 

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This one might be in French, but the message is quite clear. Unlike the vocal chord parasites, salt can easily cross the barriers of language. Sel de MGS.

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This one is more reserved, but it's hardly complimentary. Behold the icy, damning candour of Ron Swanson. 

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And the internet couldn't react to anything, ever, without including this classic. It seems there's no situation in 2016 for which this meme isn't appropriate. 

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And here's that one, reimagined with Snake playing the role of the This Is Fine dog.

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"What does Jake from Adventure Time think of a stealth co-op Metal Gear game?" It's a question I never thought I'd ask. It would be weird if I had asked it. But here's the answer anyway.

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And there's this one. Elegant in its simplicity. Economic with its message.

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Elsewhere, the erudite commenters of YouTube responded with their customary thoughtfulness and restraint.

But not everyone was so negative. Konami can cling onto this still, small voice of calm. 

What did you think of the trailer? Technically you're also 'the internet', so your opinion belongs here, too.

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