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This 60-meter wide Beat Saber mod puts P90X to shame

This 60-meter wide Beat Saber mod is an ideal proof of concept for the mobile Oculus Quest, allowing this tireless modder to move to the beat of his creation around a large park, free from the tethers of higher-end VR equipment. The aptly-named "Project Sprint" is a ridiculously large 90-lane Beat Saber map expertly modded in collaboration between VR creators TougeVR, Joetastic, QTpop, and Ruu

Beat Saber can already provide quite an exercise routine in traditional 4-lane tracks, but add sprinting into the mix, and well, I'm exhausted just watching this impressive show of stamina and modding prowess. For the uninitiated, modders began making 6-lane tracks earlier this year, but a 90-lane track was virtually unheard of - not to mention utterly unthinkable - before this monstrous creation emerged.

It's frightening, impressive, nerve wracking, and completely fascinating to watch someone traverse a 60-meter map across a park while swinging virtual light-sabers against rhythmic targets in a park in broad daylight. And of course, none of this would be possible without the wireless Oculus Quest, making this a better trailer for the VR kit than most of the existing marketing material.

The creator's YouTube caption promises greater things to come: "This is just a little teaser for "Project Sprint"; a collaborative project between TougeVR, Joetastic, QTpop and Ruu. The final Project Sprint will be unlike anything you've seen before. I can't wait to show you!"

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