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Thimbleweed Park walkthrough and puzzle solutions guide

Part Three - The Arrest (Hotel)

Go to the hotel as Ray and talk to the reporter. After a few dialogue prompts, you’ll be able to enter another flashback, this time playing as Delores’s dad Franklin.

Go inside the hotel and speak to the annoying kid to the far right of the lobby. You’ll have to turn his boombox off for him to hear you by pushing it. Exhaust all of his dialogue trees and prove that you’re cool by using 80s slang. Then exchange one of your coloured bears with him to get his Groucho-style glasses. Use these to adopt a disguise.

Head over to the front desk and start a conversation with the manager. He won’t recognise you so you can now check in. Get the keycard, then use the elevator and go to your room. Take the stationary from the desk. Then leave, using the elevator again to reach the 10th floor. Grab the two photos from the HotelTron 3000 and go into the empty rooms to get more stationary. You’ll need four pieces.

Once you’ve done that, head down to the lobby and ask the manager to print your prospectus. Then go and return to your room and use the gum and the standard room photo you’ve collected on the HotelTron 3000 camera. You should now be able to call your investors by using the phone.

After a brief cutscene, where Franklin is murdered, you’ll be playing as Ray again. Finish your conversation with the reporter and get Franklin’s room key from the manager.

Use the elevator and check out the victim’s room. Grab his passport. Then leave for Franklin’s room. You can’t do much here, but you need to visit it in order to prompt a cutscene, so take a quick look around and then depart. Four ghosts will appear, one of whom is Franklin.

After this scripted segment has ended, you’ll now be able to play as him, but won’t be able to leave as any of the living characters due to another ghost messing with the revolving doors at the entrance.

To fix this, take Ray to the drinking fountain in the lobby. Then follow her with Franklin. Scare the kid first, then Ray, by splashing the fountain. The ghost who is messing with the door will come over and go upstairs, allowing you to come and go freely from the hotel as Ray and the other living characters.

Before you go, however, there’s one more thing you can do here for now. Playing as Franklin, look at the hotel manager’s computer screen to find the room number of another guest staying at the hotel. Go up to his room and zap the electronics to scare him. The manager will try to call a paranormal plumber, but he won’t be able to.

Switch to Ray and pass him the card you got from the pigeon brothers, who are paranormal plumbers. Then swap back to Franklin and repeat the same actions. This time the manager will call the pigeon brothers instead of the previous company.

They’ll arrive immediately, so go back up to the room as Ray and steal their wrench while they’re fixing things.

Leave the Hotel and use the Passport on the FaceTron 3000. It will print out a report. Grab it and hold onto it for the time being.

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