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The Week In Sci-Fi

Prepare for the jump the hyperspace, people - there's another seven days of science fiction heading straight at you


Rid yourself of the Monday blues with a bit of retail therapy – Eternal Law , Gus Van Sant’s Restless , the Doctor Who: Revisitations 3 boxset and cartoon adventure The Thief And The Cobbler are all out on DVD today.

Travel to the far future - it ain't pretty - in the original, fantastic The Time Machine , 1:10pm on Channel 4.

Monster madness interrupts the life of a cop who isn't all he seems as Grimm arrives with season one on Watch at 9pm.

Gonzo undead cop-comedy Death Valley continues on MTV at 10pm.


Get your sparkly vampire fix in Twilight , 9pm on Film4.

There's SF action a go-go in The Core , 10pm on Sky One.

Catch a prime slice of Guillermo Del Toro in atmospheric horror Cronos , 11:15pm on Film4.


Peter takes a disastrous trip to the other side in Fringe , 10pm on Sky One.

How's about a bit of Swedish horror to give your hump day a bit of edge? Let The Right One In , 10:55pm on Film4.


Give your reading glasses a clean and head to you local printed word emporium today as Adam Baker’s Juggernaut , Weston Ochse’s The Afterblight Chronicles , Stephen Hunt’s sixth The Court Of The Air novel From The Deep Of The Dark and Kevin J Anderson-edited The Mammoth Book Of Nebula Awards SF all hit the shelves.

It's a modern classic: JJ's Star Trek is on Film4 at 9pm. Beautiful.

Catch season two of Lost Girl over on Syfy, also at 9pm.

A slice of Kiwi sci-fi lands on Syfy in the form of The Almighty Johnsons , from 10pm.

Love it or loathe it, you can catch the original big screen incarnation of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Film4 at 11:25pm.


Nic Cage is coming to get you in Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance 3D . Watch out!

Eternal Twilight hits Birmingham from today. Beware of Brummie vamps…

Matthew Broderick takes on Godzilla at 9pm on 5*.

Good looking Americans meet their match (hint: he carries a scythe) in Final Destination , 10pm on Watch.

After the shocking mid-season finale, The Walking Dead returns to FX at 10pm.


Join the Merlin crew and many more besides at the Midlands Comic Con today at Telford.

Robin Williams is the hairiest Peter Pan in cinema history in Hook , 5:20pm Comedy Central.

SF re-make, starring none other than Keanu Reeves, The Day The Earth Stood Still hits Channel 4 at 7:20pm.

It's the original, but is it the best? You decide (clue: yes it is)! The Planet Of The Apes monkeys around at 6:50pm on Film4.

Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson attempt to escape The Island , 10:50pm on ITV2.


They make it look good - Men In Black save the earth at7pm on Comedy Central.

After a blinding (quite literally, it's hard to watch TV through sheets of tears) season premiere, Being Human continues on BBC Three at 9pm.

True Blood 's fourth season hits FX in force tonight at 10pm