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The Week In Sci-Fi

We wave goodbye to Bedlam , welcome back The Event and grieve the loss of Being Human in another week of wonderfulness


Nothing can make you wish that you were at home on a Monday afternoon quite as much as the thought of tea, toast and Batman on the telly, from 2:50pm on ITV4.

Time for Will Young to leave right now - Bedlam 's first series concludes tonight on Sky Living at 10pm.

Missed Being Human 's final episode? Catch up tonight at 11:05 on BBC Three and you won’t feel left out.

The Event returns after a mid-season break to Channel 4 tonight at 11:05pm.


Risible sequel Son Of The Mask is on Film4 at 7:15pm.

No Ordinary Family continues on Watch at 8pm.

The muscles from Brussels returns in Universal Soldier: Regeneration on ITV4 at 10:15pm.


Wednesday, you are a disgrace. Not a lot on tonight, but you could always reminisce about how good Quantum Leap was, on ITV4 at 6pm.

Alternatively, engage your imagination gland and get yourself a mid-week literary zombie fix with I, Zombie Volume One: Dead To The World , out today.


Happy St Paddy’s day readers! Why not settle down with a pint of the black stuff and a good book, like Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear, in book shops today.

A free prologue and two episodes of audio drama The Minister Of Chance , featuring Sylvester McCoy, Paul Darrow and Paul McGann, are available for download today from here .

'80s chills and Persian djinns intent on wrecking LA can be found in Wishmaster , on Fiver at 10pm.

Futuristic England is the setting for one of Clive Owen's best, Children Of Men , on 10:35pm on ITV4.


Will Smith runs riot with Asimov on Channel 4 at 9pm in I, Robot .

Sookie, or the Bon Temps Blood Bank as she’s known to her friends, is on FX at 10pm in True Blood .


The Clone Wars are still in full flow on Sky Movies Premiere at 10am and again at 5:30pm.

Joey from Friends gets Lost In Space on Fiver at 6:30pm.

We all love the 1960's version of The Time Machine ; unfortunately, the Samantha Mumba version is on Sky1 tonight at 9pm. Boo...


By the time Jurassic Park III rolled around, the initial excitement of seeing a T-Rex strut its stuff was gone, but it’s reasonable enough family fare - 6:10pm ITV2.

Surely the perfect way to round off a weekend (as long as you don't have to be up too early on Monday morning), Serenity is on ITV4 at 12:05am.