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The PT inspired Allison Road has been cancelled

I hate to start Monday with bad news but hopefully there'll be enough happy making E3 gaming goodness this week to make this a little easier. The development of PT inspired horror, Allison Road appears to be no more. A tweet from the official account said yesterday "Sadly Allison Road had to be cancelled. Statement to come in the next few days. Thx for your support and very sad it came to this".

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Things have been very quiet on the game since it was picked up by Worms publisher Team 17 during its Kickstarter but it's a surprise to see this happen now it has publisher support. The Kickstarter was cancelled as funding had been confirmed from Team 17 so no money was taken. A post looking for a character artist appeared on Twitter back in February but asking for a single member of new staff doesn't exactly spell trouble. We'd already seen thirteen minutes of test footage and the team was passionate about expanding on the horrific delights of PT so it's unclear what's gone so wrong. We'll have to wait for the statement but this is sad news. 

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Louise Blain

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