The goriest Frisbee EVER

Dark Sector, the bloody and brooding third-person action-adventure headed for PS3 and Xbox 360 this autumn, features one of the coolest weapons you'll ever see. It's known as 'the glaive' - a dinner-plate-sized throwing star that can be used like a Frisbee/boomerang/shuriken hybrid. We had a chance to see first-hand what it was capable of. And boy, is it ever capable!

The glaive can take on special characteristics according to things ittouches. Throw it at a fire, for example, and it will become engulfed in flames. And what's the first thing you'll do when you've got a flaming glaive in your hand? Throw it at someone!

The metal slices through squidgyflesh, but the flames take hold too. Watching your enemies writhe in agony as they go up in orange flickers gives you a warm feeling inside, like seeing the Guy wither in the fire on bonfire night. Pretty.

Of course, it has other uses too, such as setting otherwise indestructible ammo crates on fire, which can then be used to blow open doorways. But that's not as much fun as human-shaped pyrotechnics.