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The funniest Trophies and Achievements on PS4 and Xbox One

Trophies and achievements aren't all about grinding Platinums and points. There are a handful of rewards that are more interested making you laugh, rather than rattling your cage. Whether it’s a sly wink to an obscure pop-culture reference, or a sarcastic remark directed candidly towards the player, it’s always appreciated when developers go beyond expectations by using trophies and achievements to flex their funny muscle. Join us now as we look  some of the best joke cups and badges you can earn.

15. I am Bread - “Doughny Hawk” (15G, Bronze Trophy)

This one’s for all the pun enthusiasts out there. If you find yourself in the nearby vicinity of a skateboard when scurrying around the kitchen as the eponymous wholemeal slice, hop aboard and give it a whirl for a minute to unlock this hilariously bad joke from Bossa Studios. 

14. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - “Time Paradox” (20G, Bronze Trophy)

In a sly wink to the increasingly beefed up lore of the Modern Warfare universe, Raven Software made a small but significant tweak to the remastered campaign of the original game that will inevitably draw a smile from any Call of Duty fan. Towards the end of All Ghillied Up, fire your sniper shot towards the car in which sequel villain Makarov is seated to “complete your mission”, preventing all the events of Modern Warfare 2 and 3 from ever happening. 

13. Hotline Miami - “Nigel Lowrie” (Bronze Trophy)

You may be left slightly confused should this notification show up as you mercilessly dispatch foes in Hotline Miami, but the context behind the trophy reveals a cruel but darkly humorous in-joke from Dennaton Games. The criteria for accruing this in-game reward is to use a human shield, while Nigel Lowrie is a real guy who works at Devolver Digital, the company who published Hotline Miami. Poor Nigel. 

12. Yakuza 0 - “I Did it For The Trophy” (Bronze Trophy)

Yakuza 0 awards the player free reign to pursue whatever activities they wish while exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo, but the game isn’t afraid of poking fun at those who decide to spend their time with less virtuous endeavours. For those who really are doing this for the trophy, all that’s needed is to “watch a sexy video” and cringe as it plays out for the next few minutes. 

11. Don’t Starve - “Look on My Works Ye Mighty” (100G, Gold Trophy)

When you’re not too preoccupied with, well, not starving in Don’t Starve, take some time to build the accomploshrine, which exists purely for the purpose of netting you a trophy. It’s an amusing lampoon of the ridiculousness of achievement hunting and, better yet, you can earn another trophy by cranking the accomploshrine’s pointless lever 750 times. Hooray for meaningless rewards!

10. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - “No One Is Going to Believe You” (50G, Silver Trophy)

Some jokes are funny just because they’re true. If you are able to beat Black Ops III’s campaign on Realistic difficulty, Treyarch responds by dropping a playful truth bomb in the form of this cheeky trophy/achievement. Then again, the joke is a self-defeating one, as it provides tangible evidence of your conquest. 

9. Fallout 4 - “Touchdown!” (10G, Bronze Trophy)

Bethesda is apparently more than happy to celebrate your death as you explore the wastelands of Fallout 4, particularly when you get blown to bits by a nuclear explosion. The name is a reference to the way in which Mutant suiciders will throw their nuke bombs on the ground akin to that of an American footballer, except doing so results in cataclysmic decimation rather than bonus points for the home team. 

8. Nier: Automata - “What are You Doing?” (Bronze Trophy)

While on the subject of studios which inquire about the wholesomeness of our in-game habits, Nier: Automata more recently confronted players who were curious enough to repeatedly position the camera in a particularly exposing angle against playable character 2B. “What Are You Doing?” indeed. 

7. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate - “What is Wrong With You?” (Bronze Trophy, 15G)

Shoot and kill five horses within a short space of time in Ubisoft’s recreation of 19th century London, and the game will half-jokingly question your moral aptitude. If you’ve already come across this one without any previous hints or pointers, mind you, then maybe you should take it a little more seriously…

6. Lego Marvel Superheroes - “Don’t I Know You?” (Bronze Trophy, 20G)

This joke may only work for fans of superhero movies, but it’s still a clever one. Teaming up Captain America with the Human Torch will bring this trophy or achievement into your possession, acting as a sly reference to the fact that actor Chris Evans has played both Marvel characters on the big screen. 

5. Sunset Overdrive - “Overachiever” (10G)

The good folks over at Insomniac are cheeky enough to give you an achievement “for getting an achievement”, which makes our heads hurt a little bit. If only they would give us an achievement for getting an achievement for getting an achievement for…

4. The Last Guardian - “The Call of Nature” (Gold Trophy)

There’s no getting around this one; if you want to platinum The Last Guardian, you’re going to have to watch Trico poop. Beneath the adorable feathered exterior, this is - after all - just another animal who needs to do his thing every now and again, especially after you feed him so many of those barrels. Everyone’s favourite bird-cat-dog will only do the deed when he thinks you’re not looking, however, so make sure you’re hiding behind something before you catch him in the act. 

3. Deadpool - “Okay, you can sell the game now” (Platinum Trophy)

Never one to leave a fourth wall unbroken, the Deadpool game is as self-referential as its foul-mouthed mercenary protagonist. With its last acquirable trophy, High Moon Studios adopt an amusingly frank tone with an admission directed towards the player by means of this no-nonsense trophy. Sadly, the real punchline is that you won’t be getting a ton of money back if you decide to take the trophy at its word.

2. Uncharted 4 - “Stage Fright” (Bronze Trophy)

As revered as the Naughty Dog brand may be, the studio is more than happy to make fun of itself from time to time. Netting this trophy simply requires a recreation of the stage demo faux pas that occurred when Uncharted 4 was shown off at Sony’s E3 Press Conference in 2015, wherein Drake was stuck in his place for an agonising series of minutes. 

1. Dark Souls 2 - “This is Dark Souls” (Bronze Trophy, 10G)

In another example of From Software’s penchant for black comedy, players will be welcomed to Dark Souls 2 with an achievement/trophy gained after encountering the “You Died” screen for the first time in the game, which won’t take very long for most people. It’s as if the studio is warning you for what’s ahead, but couldn’t do so without a thick layer of sass underlying the whole thing.

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