The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Tuesday 13 February 2007
Every new platform needs an 'It' game. Like the horsey bleach-blonde toffs who preen and pout and draw clouds of admirers like desert birds to a carcass, a triple-A powerhouse videogame will attract more fun-hungry gamers to a new console than any number of lectures on the hardware's tetrafloppys, quadumaflips or ultrabits. And even the ever-so-slightly techno-mental Kaz Hirai can't argue with that.

We've finally cosied up to TES IV: Oblivion on PS3, and, while it may have struck out for adventure on Xbox 360 roughly a year ago, PS3 is still treated to a bigger, better and more beautiful experience. Oblivion is the first game to so obviously tip a nod to PS3's more flexible hardware, while winning a round of one-upmanship with Microsoft's great white hope. Here's our five reasons why Bethesda's life-comsuming epic will bring the crowds to PS3.

Choose your own adventure - RPG or actioner?
Choice is what you expect from a freeform fantasy role-player like Oblivion, but using the SixAxis makes playing this Elder Scrolls quest as a Conan-inspired murder romp feel even more instant and accessible. True, 360 did the same thing, but did it look this good?

The comfort of a controller in your paws prompts a more active combat role than the naturally more static PC controls. It's a mental thing, but it makes all the difference, and will mean even hardcore Burnout fans can enjoy hoofing it around as a Dark Elf warrior.