The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

PS3's memory banks are put to good use
Oblivion on PlayStation 3 loads faster, pushes the visible horizon further and is more stable and less likely to break than any other version. Bethesda use almost 5gb of PS3's hard drive to keep everything trotting along at pace. We've watched a good few Cyrodiilian sunsets on our many travels, but we never appreciated them quite as much as we could on PS3, where grass isn't a growth that disappears after 50 feet.

As for load times, we hardly noticed. But, dear readers, that's the point. Not once did we feel wrenched from the world for several moments of adventure-withdrawl. Despite Blu-ray offering a slightly less rapid average read-speed than Microsoft's drive, Bethesda's use of the hardware means PS3 Oblivion certainly loads quicker than 360. And with extra time in development it's unlikely you'll run into one of Oblivion's notorious game-stopping bugs.