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The best of CheatPlanet April 5th-9th

Hello! Welcome to the first official "Best of CheatPlanet" update. We’ll be posting some of the best cheats FAQs and hints of the week from CheatPlanet so you can tear through your games ASAP. Who knows, submit something good and we just might list it here, giving a hearty +1 to your internet infamy! Submit something really great and we might even reward you with crap lying around the office great prizes!

We posted Andrew "Drayano" Brooks’ excellent Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver FAQ this week, and it’s filled to the brim with pretty much everything you might need to know about the latest entry to the storied franchise.

We also got some solid Pokemon HG/SS hints from user “Fiorre” who details how to catch a Lapras and how to score some sweet items from the game’s “sisters of the week”.

And finally we put up a Seagull FAQ for the GTA IV expansions that were just released for PS3 and PC. The guides are excerpted from Robert Allen Rusk’s astoundingly complete Episodes from Liberty City FAQs so rest assured that everything you need is here. The Lost and the Damned Seagull Guide,The Ballad of Gay Tony Seagull Guide

Apr 9, 2010

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