Stunning Crysis gameplay trailer

Thursday 26 October 2006
This amazing gameplay footage from PC super-shooter Crysis shouldn't show you anything new - unless you've been living in a box under the sea for the past two years - but it'll still blow your mind from here to next Tuesday with some truly gobsmacking jungle-based blasting and a teasing glimpse of the brittle ice-world at the centre of Crysis' pacific island locale. Hit the movies tab and enjoy.

With you fighting both a trigger-happy Korean army and a horde of supremely powerful extra-terrestrial beings, not to mention the ever-changing, fully interactive environment that can both help and hinder your attacks, Crysis is one of the most exciting games around.

We're unlikely to see anything substantial from the spiritual successor to Far Cry until next year, though, but with this vid keeping our enthusio-machine turned up to 11, we're not about to lose interest during the long wait.