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The best Stranger Things merchandise to celebrate Season 3

The best Stranger Things merchandise
(Image credit: Lego)

Now that Stranger Things season 3 is out in the open, you might find yourself craving some Eggos. Or maybe looking suspiciously at the flickering lightbulb in your room and arming yourself with a barbed-wire-wrapped bat. Even if you haven't quite got to that level of immersion in the series, this list of the best Stranger Things merchandise will help you feel like you're part of Hawkins no matter where you are. From Nike trainers to Lego to Funkos, everything below has that oh-so-special Stranger Things vibe, so just keep reading to decide which bit of the best Stranger Things merchandise you want to treat yourself to!

Nike x Stranger Things T-shirt

(Image credit: Nike)

Combining nostalgia and a love for the school where the dream team of Will, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin met is a win. The tiger is a more toned-down version of the brightly coloured mural Nancy and Jonathan are seen sitting by in the first season, plus this tee is subtle enough to fool people that you're just super proud of having attended Hawkins high school. 

Buy it (UK): Hawkins high school t-shirt, Nike, £34.95
Buy it (US): Hawkins high school t-shirt, Nike, $40

Lego Stranger Things: The Upside Down

(Image credit: Lego)

Build your nightmare world with this Upside Down Lego set, which is damned nifty as it comes with two versions of Hawkins: the normal one, filled with Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Eleven, Hopper, and Joyce and the creepy black-tendril version where poor Will is stuck with the Demogorgon. Plus we have information on how to get it with a special exclusive poster which you can find out more about right here

Polaroid Onestep 2 Stranger Things 

(Image credit: Polaroid)

If you really want to get into the Stranger Things, this is an authentic way to snap your way into a true 80s mindset. Polaroid have come out with a Stranger Things version of their famous camera, so in case you're wondering, yes, that's why most of the text is upside down. 

Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons starter set

(Image credit: Hasbro)

If you've ever wondered what the big deal is with Dungeons and Dragons and why Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will love it so much, you can now try it out for yourself! And you totally should, because Dungeons and Dragons is amazing fun with buddies. This kit is themed around 'The hunt for the Thessalhydra' (the story seen being played by the squad in the show), and comes with absolutely everything you need. It also includes a Demogorgon figurine, because of course it does. 

Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down: the official behind-the-scenes companion

(Image credit: Century)

This volume has all the information you need to be completely up to speed on what goes on behind the scenes of Stranger Things. There's interviews with the cast that you'll probably find yourself quoting to anyone who'll listen, and a ton of fun facts will become lodged in your mind after giving this a glance. Warning: you might find yourself prone to talking through episodes to mention behind-the-scenes details if you read this. Consider yourself warned. 

 Nike X Stranger Things Air Tailwind 79 OG Collection

(Image credit: Nike)

You'll have no trouble sprinting away from Demogorgons in these special edition trainers from Nike. Delightfully retro-looking, these trainers have some distinct 80s vibes that'll make you feel like you've stepped directly into the 1980s. Plus they come with special-edition pins so you can wear your Stranger Things adoration on your sleeve as well as your sole. 

Buy it (UK): Stranger Things trainers, Nike, £94.95
Buy it (US):
Stranger Things trainers, Nike, $120

Dart Plush Nesting Doll

This is so cute you almost forget that Dart is a terrifying, cat-eating creature. The plush doll comes in three parts, all of which fit inside the other, so you can make your cuddly, Upside Down hellbeast evolve by stuffing one form inside the next. Or you can just hug each phase and forget the fact you're holding a genuine monster. Only catch? It isn't available until April.

Pre-order it UK: Dart Plush Nesting Doll £19.99 from Pop In A Box
Pre-order it US: Dart Plush Nesting Doll $26.99 from Pop In A Box

Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds

(Image credit: Century)

If you've always wondered what exactly went on during Dr Brenner's MK Ultra trials, Suspicious Minds has all the answers you could ever want. It lays the groundwork for the Stranger Things TV show as we know it, and makes for ideal reading when you've binged the third series and are left needing more Stranger Things in your life. 

Stranger Things Eggo Card Game

(Image credit: Stranger Things)

Play this game with up to six players and you'll probably feel the same passion for those circles of sweet batter as Eleven. Every player begins in the Upside Down and can only win if they make it back into the normal world, so you might end up getting Barb flashbacks when you send your pal back to the Upside Down... but hey, someone's gotta embrace the ruthlessness of the Demogorgon, right?

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