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Spiritfarer Lily update adds a new character and more story content for free

The Spiritfarer Lily update was released today, to both kick off three seasons of content coming to the game this year and to celebrate 500,000 copies sold. 

As developer Thunder Lotus Games announced earlier this year, the Lily update is all about the story and goals of the game's protagonist, Stella. You spend most of Spiritfarer getting to know other characters through Stella, so Thunder Lotus wanted to "address the single most common feedback we've received from players since launch" and flesh out the story of Stella herself. 

"Stella’s memories begin to blossom as wondrous flowers over her cabin," the studio says of the new update. "These flowers house butterflies that roost to form Lily, the Butterfly Spirit! Stella’s new spirit friend is revealed to be an important figure from her past; Lily will help our hero gain perspective on her life as she approaches the touching conclusion to her journey…"

The Lily update is out now for free on all platforms. This summer, the Beverly update will introduce another character, the spirit Beverly, who's actually Stella's old neighbor. The final update planned for this fall will add Jackie and Daria, a caretaker and their patient, along with a new event. A medley of island, boat, and cosmetic goodies will be sprinkled in between these, so whether you're returning to check on old friends or just starting your journey, 2021 ought to be the best time yet to play Spiritfarer.

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