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South Park creators say The Fractured But Whole was shaped by PewDiePie

Other publishers, take note. This behind-the-scenes trailer for South Park: The Fractured But Whole is how dev diaries should be done. It's got an excellent look at how the game is made, new glimpses of gameplay, some choice jokes, and a fart that can warp reality. If you're looking forward to Ubisoft's sequel to The Stick of Truth, you need to watch it right now: 

There's lots of interesting information here, but I find it fascinating that Stone and Parker used PewDiePie as a point of reference when researching ways to improve on The Stick of Truth. It makes sense, of course, it's just interesting to have someone admit the impact that YouTubers can have on game development.

It's clear there's been a lot of thought and care put into making The Fractured But Whole, and South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are clearly at the top of their joke game here. And hey, you can even make yourself out to be the smartest South Park fan at the party when you tell everyone the game used to be called "The Butthole of Time".

I'm excited, y'all. I'm super cereal.

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