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Sega to bring classic titles to 3DS, starting with 3D Space Harrier. First screens here

Classic 1985 sprite-scaling shoot-'em-up Space Harrier is heading to Nintendo 3DS' eShop according to a report from Japanese website Gamer. 3D Space Harrier appears to be a straight-up port of the arcade game, only with the inevitable 3D treatment and the necessary translation into widescreen.

The game was the first to use Sega's mega-impressive (for the time) Super Scaler technology, allowing for smooth manipulation of 2D images, making them bigger or smaller to simulate 3D depth. Imagine giving that effect a genuine appearance of 3D depth thanks to the 3DS' trademark visual trick and the game should still look superb, even 27 years after its original release.

However, the news gets better, as this is reportedly just the first of a series of retro Sega re-releases heading for 3DS. Looking back at retro compilations and re-appearances like the arcade in Shenmue, the GBA Sega Arcade Collection or even Sega Ages Vol. 1 on Sega Saturn, we're confident After Burner II and Super Hang On are likely to follow very soon.

And then, of course, there's the other one. Arcade-perfect, handheld OutRun anyone? With added 3D? Sega may be milking its back catalogue for all it's worth, but if re-releases bring genuine improvements as this hopefully will, we're not complaining.

Justin Towell

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