School For Seduction review

Newcastle is the setting for this ensemble Britcom, Kelly Brook its nominal star. The tabloid fave plays Sophia, an Italian set of curves with an evening class that aims to teach Geordie lasses how they can use sex to regain control of their frustrated lives.

There's no escaping the fact that Brook's acting isn't quite as buoyant as her other charms. So it was a smart move on first-time director Sue Heel's part to effectively sideline her leading lady and offload the bulk of the dramatic graft on a more experienced set of thesps.

Yet despite the best efforts of Margi Clarke, Dervla Kirwan and Emily Woof - - a standout as checkout drone Kelly - - Seduction remains a third-rate Full Monty knock-off, sharing that pic's focus on bodily self-empowerment but little of its wit and street smarts. It also resorts to that hoariest of all sex-com clichés: a man stranded on a doorstep, stark, bollock naked.

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