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Save up to 50% in this PS Plus sale

Save up to 50% in this PS Plus sale
(Image credit: Sony)

Look alive everyone, you can get up to 50% off a subscription in this PS Plus sale if you move fast. An entire year of the service is available for just $31.99 (47% less) on CD Keys in the US, while UK users can get 12 months for £41.99 instead of £50 on the same site.

Other deals are available in this PS Plus sale, of course - you can also get a three-month membership for $12.59 in the US (which is a cracking 50% off) or £16.99 in the UK, which is a discount of 15%.

Yes, we're also hacked off that the UK has gotten the short end of the stick here, but you can't argue with the value for money offered by those US deals. Considering how essential the service is, a PS Plus sale like this isn't to be missed. 

Better still, there are no conditions needed to take advantage of these offers; you don't need to be a new member. The only thing to be aware of? You can't use the US code if you're UK-based (sorry).

PS Plus sale

PlayStation Plus (12 months) | $60 $31.99 on CD Keys
CD Keys are currently offering a 47% reduction on a full year of PS Plus, and that's the lowest we've seen it for a long time. If you need to renew your membership - or are coming close to the end of a sub - now's the time to strike.
UK price: £50 £41.99 on CD KeysView Deal

PlayStation Plus (3 months) | $25 $12.59 on CD Keys
Another excellent deal by CD Keys gives you 50% off three months of PlayStation Plus. If you don't want to commit to a full year, this is easily the best value for money. Don't miss it.
UK price: £20 £16.99 on CD KeysView Deal

It's worth being quick, though. These offers don't tend to hang around for long, and CD Keys has a habit of jacking up the prices again after a few days. As such, we'd recommend jumping on this bargain before it vanishes.

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