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Ryan Phillippe says he has discussed TV role with Marvel

Could Ryan Phillippe be Marvel’s next small-screen star? It certainly sounds as though it could be on the cards, with the actor revealing to Howard Stern that he’s been speaking to the studio.

“Marvel is interested in talking about Netflix, a series possibly,” said Phillippe during the interview, before noting that, “The Daredevil series is great, right?” Only a brief mention, then, but enough to get the rumour mill whirring into action.

With Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter already cast as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage respectively, the obvious role that Phillippe is alluding to would be Iron Fist, the mystical martial artist who will be getting his own series, but has still yet to be cast. Unless the actor is being courted for villain duties in one of the other shows, that’s where our money would lie…

Phillippe already has an existing track record with Marvel, having been up for the role of Captain America before losing out to Chris Evans. “I would have loved it,” he said, back in 2013, “[but] they didn’t want me. I met with them and stuff, I was way into it but no it didn’t happen.” Let’s hope he can put that right with Iron Fist…

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George Wales
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