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Rock Band trailer hits the road

The musical journey to Rock stardom will begin, we hope, before the year is out on Xbox 360 and PS3, and the latest CG trailer demonstrates just what can be achieved if you and your musical buddies practice, practice, practice.

We saw glimpses of some of Rock Band%26rsquo;s band members in theE3 trailer, but not content with having to share the limelight with gameplay clips four of them have found time to star in there own music video.

Perched on top of a moving car and Rocking out to Deep Purples %26ldquo;Highway Star%26rdquo;, not even falling off a cliff can stop these young stars from finishing there set. It looks brilliant, but just how we%26rsquo;re going to be able to flex our fingers enough to play that awesome solo is anyone's guess.

James Jarvis

Hi I'm James or JJ if you like, I'll answer to both. I'm the Head of Video here which means I've had at least a part in all the hot video content you'll find on the site (even if that part was just saying, yes that's a good video). Recently I'm getting to grips with looking after a puppy and trying to keep up with Fortnite challenges. The puppy is winning.