Ridge Racer 7 - online hands-on

One of the most exciting things about Ridge Racer 7 is its online play. It's the first time that a PlayStation installment of the game will ever make the leap. Namco Bandai brought the game around for one last test before the PS3 launch, just so we could check out the performance of the online mode, and we're pretty impressed.

Before we launched into a head-to-head match online, though, we got another peek at the car customization. As you'd expect, a lot of different options are available - but what we were more interested in is the fact that they really do affect your car's performance. You can change the color, of course, and slap on new decals, but you can even change the performance of the nitrous oxide chargers, a first for the series. Plug-in units offer almost magical changes: for example, always getting a perfect high-speed take off from the start line.