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How to get the true ending (and bad ending) in the Resident Evil 7 Daughters DLC

More DLC has arrived for Resident Evil 7, including the Daughters segment of Banned Footage Vol.2. This reveals the events that happened on the night the Baker family turned, seen through the eyes of daughter Zoe. Depending on the actions you take, you'll either receive the 'bad ending' or 'true ending' to this DLC episode, so we've prepared complete walkthroughs to help you reach both outcomes.

How to get the Bad Ending

Go to the Laundry Room across the hallway and collect the Change of Clothes from the bench.

Go upstairs to the Kid's Room, give the clothes to the girl.

Go downstairs and find Lucas in the Dining Area.

Go back upstairs to the Bathroom and find Marguerite.

Go downstairs to the Garage and get the Rope.

Return to Jack and Marguerite in the Bathroom.

Run to the Recreation Room, then close the door and use the Rope to secure it.

Go into the side room and get the Fork from the small table.

Use the Fork on the two nails holding a board across the window.

Exit through the window and go along the Veranda.

Pull away the board at the end, then go through the door to the Main Hall.

Sneak past Marguerite and unlock the double doors leading back to the Main House hallway.

Once you've received the Car Key, run down the hallway and past Jack into the Laundry Room and drop down into the crawl space.

Pop up into the Pantry then sneak through the Kitchen/Dining Area past Jack and downstairs to the Garage.

Interact with the car to get in and start it.

Eveline will appear and you'll get the 'bad ending' in Daughters.

At this point you should unlock the Butterfly Effect trophy/achievement.

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