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Red Dead Revolver: It lives!

Rockstar have released three (yes, three!) new shots of Red Dead Revolver, the third-person wild west shooter that originally began life as a Capcom game.

Now being developed by Rockstar San Diego, the game is set in the 1880s and sees you play as a young gunslinger called Red, who must gain revenge against the rogue Mexican general who slayed his family.

The gameplay is largely arcade-style and offers a generous arsenal of around 30 weapons - including pistols, rifles, shotguns, and dynamite - with Red capable carrying one side arm, one long arm and one throwable weapon at a time. Meanwhile, the environments include such suitably spaghetti western landscapes as dusty towns, windswept prairies and rugged saloons.

We haven't seen the game in action since development was transferred last year from Capcom to Rockstar although we should have an updated preview in the near future.

Red Dead Revolver is due to be released for PS2 and Xbox in late April