Rebound review

In which a smug, arrogant star tries to re-ignite his career by appealing to "the kids". "It worked for Eddie Murphy, didn't it?" But enough about Martin "Lawrence, what of the film?

With a plot that could easily have been written by any of its target audience (though we're guessing your average 12-year-old could make a better stab), Rebound offers no surprises to anyone who's sat through any "believe in yourself, reach for your dreams" kid flick. Lawrence is Roy McCormick, a once-successful college basketball coach now better known for failure and angry outbursts. Facing a lifetime ban, he begrudgingly agrees to take on a small-town high-school team. And guess what? Finds some meaning in life again!

Neither as smart or funny as the likes of Slap Shot or School Of Rock, Rebound is pure blandness in celluloid form. Take a time-out instead.

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