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Real-life Minecraft landscape job is getting tonnes of applications from children

Minecraft scene
(Image credit: Mojang)

A UK gardening publication keeps receiving job 'applications' from children for a Minecraft-related listing.

As spotted by PC Gamer, is hiring for a Minecraft Virtual Landscape Gardener "to provide professional advice to players looking to improve their in-game outdoor space." The ideal candidate needs a working knowledge of Minecraft and plenty of "creative flair," and would benefit from having previous experience in real-life landscape gardening. Perks include pay of more than £50 an hour, and the ability to play Minecraft as your actual, real job.

Beneath the listing are comments from people flexing both their Minecraft and real-life qualifications, boasting of everything from a decade of in-game experience to surprisingly relevant real-life qualifications. Mixed in with the adults, however, would appear to be a large number of children. One commenter claims to be a 14-year-old "who has built many cities," and is also "very friendly." Another says they've been playing Minecraft "everyday since I was 7" - quite the achievement for a ten-year-old. 

My favourite comment comes from Nick, who is 12, and implies that they'd need to fit their burgeoning virtual-landscaping career around their schoolwork, stating that "I can work on weekends/6-7 on weekdays." The minimum work age in the UK is 13, so some of these kids might technically be allowed to supplement their allowances with a little gardening work on the side, but it seems unlikely that WhatShed will be looking to add a legion of teens to its ranks.

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