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Rayman 3 HD: New trailer is all powered-up

For many, Rayman 3 was where the series hit its 3D stride, offering powerups to transform the titular hero in all manner of gameplay-altering ways. This new gameplay-heavy trailer for Rayman 3 HD serves as a reminder (or an introduction, for younger players). Not only is Michel Ancel's armless hero returning to PSN and XBLA, but he's bringing all the shape-changing washing-powder (it was 2003, just go with it) players can handle.

Rayman 3 HD will be released on the 21st of this very month. Creator Ubisoft recently announced that 2D reboot Rayman Origins also managed to acquit itself comfortably on store-shelves, saying the title “has the capacity to become a long-term seller.” Whether that means another 2D Rayman or an Origins remake 10-odd years from now, we'll have to wait a while to find out...