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Are the PS4 servers down? PlayStation Network is back up after worldwide issues

Update: You should no longer find the PS4 servers down if you attempt to log in on your console. Sony hasn't offered any explanation for the hours-long outage on June 13, but we'll keep you updated right here if and when there's more downtime in the future.

Original story: It looks like something's brought the PS4 servers down with error code WS-37403-7, and Sony doesn't have a timeline of when PlayStation Network will be back online. Everything that the official Network Service Status page for PlayStation Network tracks has an angry red light next to it as of this writing, which includes the Account Management and Gaming and Social services for PSN - meaning users could encounter difficulty signing into their systems or even launching their games.

Sony hasn't yet offered an explanation for what brought the PS4 servers down, though it says it's currently investigating the issue.

While the network is down, you should still be able to play offline games that you own. However, any games that need to have their licenses renewed will not be able to do so and will be unplayable while the servers are down. This is indicated by a padlock icon on the game's menu icon.

I'd crack wise about Sony skipping E3 2019 so hard that it even shut down PlayStation Network for the last day of the show, but I still remember the great PSN outage of 2011 and that's just not the kind of thing you joke about. Admittedly, I wasn't playing many games online at that point so I mostly remember it for that free copy of Infamous I got when Sony sent out all those mea culpa goodies, but I know it was more difficult for many others. We'll update this story when the PlayStation Network status changes, or when Sony's able to provide more information about the outage.

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