PS3 launch update

[Update] Thursday 18 January 2007
The UK price tag for PlayStation 3 has been unofficially confirmed as £425 for the 60GB pack, which will be the only option for early-adopters at the console's launch, while Sony will finally reveal the official launch details in the next few days.

Sony Euro bigwig David Reeves has been quick to counter the rumours of an April release, as indicated by Stringer's comments published below, reassuring gamers that PS3 will still appear in March. Of course, Stringer could've simply been the victim of a misinterpretation, as a 30 March launch would still see the beginning of April as PS3's first full week of sales.

The £425 price comes as no surprise - given that that's the cost announced by Sony UK back in May - but we'll all be much happier when Sony puts an end to the incessant speculation over PS3's future in Europe and we can just get back to playing games and enjoying ourselves.
[Update ends]

Wednesday 17 January 2007
GamesRadar has learned that the launch date and price of the UK PlayStation 3 will be revealed in an announcement this Friday (19 January) - and if we're to believe the words of Howard Stringer in an interview posted on today it's slipped to April.

Asked the question "What are the goals this year for Sony?" Stringer replied "I think it's six million units by the end of the quarter, worldwide. And then we have got the European launch in April, which is very important to us".

Up until now, speculative reports have picked up on information from advertising agency TBWA, which suggests a 23 March launch, while we plumped for March. If Stringer says April, though, we'll have to go with him - he is, after all the ultimate boss of Sony. However, it is of course possible he means the first weekafterthelaunch day, which if it was 30 March, would be inApril.