PS3 launch: Stick it in PS3

Tuesday19 March 2007
One of the first things we did when our PS3 arrived was start plugging anything we could think of into its four USB ports. The results were surprising and - on the whole - delightful.

Plug a stick into one of the memory card slots on the front of the 60GB PS3 and, rather than see some scary 'Memory Unit Z776 inserted' error, instead you see the content on the stick, found, identified as pics, music or whatever and appearing in the right place within the XMB menu.

The trick is to place folders on your stick called Photo, Video, Music and so on. Your PS3 then finds the content in an instant. That said you can just fling on a mixture of anything and then tell your PS3 to 'Display All'. If it can be played by PS3 it'll appear ready to be clicked and played. Copy it to your PS3 and it'll appear on your menus complete with a little 'thumbnail' forever. It's all very obvious and - above all - it works.

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