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PS2 classic The Warriors hits PS4, prepare to bop all over again

The Warriors was a cult hit when it hit theaters back in 1979, and the same could be said of its 2005 adaptation by Rockstar Games. Its take on nocturnal New York remains unique to this day, rewarding players both for knowing how to "bop" and when to turn tail and run - and now you can play it on PS4 (US link).

The Warriors is nearly an eleven-year-old game at this point, so some parts are bound to feel stale. But Rockstar put so many still-novel ideas into every part of the game: commanding your gang during big rumbles, participating in the surprisingly involved economy of stealing car radios and buying drugs, and turning the film's kinda anticlimactic ending into a pulse-pounding finalem to name a few.

Get a co-op buddy on board and you'll both be shouting "Can you dig it?!" by the time the credits roll.

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