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Prince of Persia: Epilogue (review)

What the buggering heck is this? 800 MS points just to see the ending of a full-priced game? Ubisoft must be joking. Thankfully, hurtling through a subterranean superstructure at blinding speed it’s clear our new Prince has at long last found his calling. His journey’s still routinely held up by repeated boss fights, but Ubisoft has at least acknowledged that all the Prince is good for is running and jumping into situations without a plan, and has created a long, linear, trap-filled temple that finds new ways to test your acrobatic reflexes to complement this fact.

Despite a new running attack, the combat remains clunky and the lack of light seeds is a shame (the replacement Fresco light plates aren’t very tough to find), but Epilogue is worth picking up solely for the tough platform sections that go as far as to actually shame those found in the main game. That we’re asked to pay extra for the privilege remains an insult.

Apr 8, 2009

Matt is former editor of Official PlayStation Magazine, his favourite games include Skyrim, Final Fantasy VII, Braid, Shadow Of The Colossus and Puggsy, and when he's not grinding away in Destiny you'll often find him talking about WWE or NFL (go Seahawks!).