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Predators director talks about Paraffin


Predators helmer Nimród Antal has spoken of his plans to next craft a dystopian thriller entitled Paraffin .

Speaking with The Playlist, the director said:

“I have a passion project that I’ve been writing for a few years called Paraffin . I’m going to try to get that going.

“But at the same time I’m just keeping my options open and trying to appreciate the moment… [Paraffin] is actually the one I wanted to write and direct right after Kontroll . So that’s what I’m doing next.”

Hesitant to reveal any concrete plot details, Antal did surrender a snippet of information:

“I can give you a teaser: men and women will build a boat out of plastic bottles in Cuba to escape oppression, right? So imagine if our world has become that [ kind of ] oppression. You aren’t building plastic bottle boats anymore, you have to build something else to get out of here.”

We’re attempting to banish images of the arcs in 2012 , as we’re sure that Antal has something far more interesting up his sleeve. For now, though, the director has Predators about to hit the screen.

And even though Antal sounds like a busy man with big plans, he’s not averse to the idea of another Predators movie: “Yeah. Well, listen,” he says. “I’m down. Are you?” Of course it all depends on how Predators does at the box office this weeked…

Source: [ The Playlist ]

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